Lets just start off by saying that I absolutely love Ipsy and their monthly glam bags. I like the fact that I always get cute little bags that I can always put my on the go makeup in. Anyways, I like this months products. I got a cream based eyeshadow, hand cream, clay mask, lip stain and a blush. My favourite out of all five products would be the cream base eye shadow.

Eyeshadow: Cream metallic foil (Doha)

This is my absolute favourite from the bag. I am in love with nude or any sort of brown or gold eyeshadow. This one is a cream based metallic foil eyeshadow. I find that when I wear those sort of colours my outfit doesn’t matter because my eyeshadow matches. It also looks amazing on my skin tone, like glowing.

Here’s a close up. Wow, It looks so golden.

You can get this from Ipsy’s website or you can go directly to Sahi cosmetics website.

The good thing for me about this hand cream is that it’s not too greasy. It just leaves my hands feeling brand new and smooth. I don’t like when I apply hand cream to my hands and its super greasy or oily then I can’t hold anything properly, that’s gross. I also like this because it doesn’t have a strong perfume scent in it, it does smell good though. But products with lots of perfume gives me a major headache or make me want to gag.

Another amazing thing about this product is that it have a blend of shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe vera which will help to moisturize your hands and cuticles. I get really dry hand sometimes because I work in a daycare so I constantly have to be washing my hands. I will definitely buy this product when this one is finish. You can get the from Ipsy also, or I’m not too sure if you have to be a member to purchase through Ipsy though.

If you know me well you would definitely know that I absolutely love facial mask. I like any facial product that cleanses my skin and makes it glow and look radiant.

Clay mask: Restored, self warming clay mask from

This is supposed to be a 24 hour lip stain, but its more like 8 hours for me. Maybe it just doesn’t work so well on my lips. I do drink plenty of water so that could possibly be the reason why it doesn’t last that long on my lips.

However, it’s a super nice colour, salmon pink. One thing I really like about it is that you can skip using a lip liner. This have a pointy marker tip applicator that you can use to define your lips, then shade in the rest. It also have a kind of matte look to it, but you can always add a lip gloss if you like a bit of shine.

Hmmm?! Blush is something that I barely even wear, when I say barely I really mean barely ever do. I would do a full coverage of makeup and leave blush off my list. But when my Ipsy bag came with this item I decided that I would give it a try. It actually turned out to be one thing that I will probably be using more often when I do my makeup now. I’m actually not disappointed.


9 thoughts on “SOCIAL BUTTERFLY: IPSY APRIL 2018

    1. Thank you. I think the only thing that I don’t like from Ipsy is the sample products of mascara. I find them too small to hold. It’s like Im going poke myself in the eye when I’m applying it to my lashes.


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