Fan di Fendi Extreme Perfume

This perfume is one of my absolute favorite out of all my perfume collection, not because it’s a brand name, simply because it smells so good. This is a very alluring perfume designed for women from Fendi’s collection. This was actually released in 2012, but I still love it.

Sometimes I pick it up from my dresser just to smell it, crazy? No! I just like nice things. I even think the looks of the bottle is just so elegant and classy. This is usually one of my picks for when I’m going out with friends or to a fancy restaurant for dinner.

I have a separate set of perfumes that I wear just to work, which is like cheaper ones. But a few days ago I remember I made a mistake and wore it to work and got compliments from a few of my co-workers. Maybe it wasn’t such a mistake after all I guess. Because I did enjoy saying thank you so often to each compliment cause at least I’m not the only one that felt like this perfume scent is so alive. 

This makes a perfect gift for someone who you love or who’s close to you, I guarantee. The scent is just so bold, seductive, clean and fresh. It draws attention, long-lasting, sensual, and it’s definitely not overpowering. I definitely recommend females to buy this if you want that sexy smelling feeling. I have tried many perfumes, but this one is a hit. This is a great buy, thumbs up!



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