That moment when you’ve finally found a blush that works well for you and goes smoothly with your skin tone. I have tried blushes from different brands previously and haven’t been too satisfied because there wasn’t any that have suited my needs. But I think I found the one that meets my match. I love the shade, its like a brownish rosy pink. Being a female of color, I don’t like to wear bright blushes that looks ridiculous on me as if I’m a clown. I love things that blend well with my skin tone, natural finish. This blush will give girls of color a natural look as if they’re just naturally glowing, well don’t apply too much of course. 

I tried to give a close-up shot as much as possible so you could see how beautiful this color is for real. Another reason why I like this blush is that it benefits my skin type which is normal to combination. Yes, my face might get a bit oily throughout the day but mostly my T-zone area. But isn’t that like normal for everyone, I’m not too sure. But, when my face does get oily this blush makes my pores look small, minimizes.

It keeps my skin looking balanced, glowing and popping. You can use a blush brush or any brush actually, remember to apply lightly. You can even use your fingers because this blush is soft enough to do so.

Another great benefit of this blush is that it’s long-lasting. You can basically apply from in the morning and it will last you until the evening. That’s awesome! 

Buy this blush:



I’m totally sure that you can get this from anywhere online or in stores like Sephora, etc. It’s actually not that expensive too, $30-$40 depending on where you buy it from.


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