Recently I have decided that I am going to start drinking 8 glasses of water or more on a regular basis. Seriously, previously I would only drink like one cup or a regular bottle size. The only problem is that I cannot drink so much of just plain water, it just doesn’t taste yummy. So I’ve decided to start squeezing natural lemon juices into my water. By doing that of course I will be drinking plenty more water.

Yes, I do use the washroom more often now but who really cares about that, I’m trying to be healthy. I’m trying to stay away from juice or any form of sweet sugary fluid. The thing is I really like my Bailey’s and red wine, but I’m sure that if I drink those once in a while it won’t hurt. I will cut down my consumption of it rather than drinking it almost every night.

I bought this inexpensive water bottle from a Walmart store location close to home. If I fill this water bottle which is 2.2 L and drink the whole thing that’s 8 glasses of water, yay. I have been doing this for the past week or so and I haven’t missed a day so far and I’m hoping not to, fingers crossed. Sometimes when I finish the whole thing I would fill it up with another 1/4 of water just so I can drink it before bed.

I have found this to be so beneficial for me because if I was to drink the smaller bottles of water I would’ve definitely fail. The reason is because I would I to drink too many of the smaller bottles and I might forget. So I rather drink from this one large bottle and take it everywhere I go. The funny thing is that I have download this app to remind me to drink water and I don’t really follow it at all. But with this huge bottle I can’t go wrong.

The lemon juice that I squeeze it in just takes it to a whole other level. This is good! I am so proud of myself for following through with this everyday. Others that are close to me knows that I rarely used to drink water, but they definitely can’t say that no more. I love water, with lemons of course.

I’m not too sure where else you can get this bottle other than Walmart or maybe anywhere online if you type in “Arrow H2O on the go water bottle”. I’ll attach the link to buy it online from Walmart below.

Where to buy:



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