I recently bought three NYX lingerie liquid lipstick and I gotta say that I’m super excited that I did. The colours I got is everything, I swear. These newest addition to my collection might now be my favourite.

One reason why I really like these is because it goes on so smoothly and last long, even if I drink two cups of tea throughout the day. Another is because of its matte finish. Well, I put a lip moisturizer on my lips before I apply any matte finish products to my lips just to keep it moist so that my lipstick don’t crack or show too many line on my lips. I might have to do a little reapplication around like noon, but not much.

I got these lip products from the drugstore, “Shoppers Drug Mart”. But you can pretty much get these from any store even online like the official NYX website or Amazon, etc.

NYX Lingerie in “Embellishment“: Buy on

I like this one because of its nudish purple colour.

NYX Lingerie in “Exotic“: Buy On

This colour is like a warm mahogany red tone.

NYX Lingerie in “Teddy“: Buy on

This colour is a warmish brown. I wear this one when I don’t want any bright colour on my lips, just a neutral look.

PS… I will be posting pictures very soon of myself wearing these colours so you can get an actual idea of what the colour looks like, especially on a girl of colour.



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