During the summer, most of us females think that all we need is skimpy clothing, sandals, bright lipsticks, and eyeshadows, etc. But what about a good body lotion that will also make you feel sexy? The feeling of smelling great from a few distances away can also make you feel sexy. What some of us tend to forget is that having a soft, moisturized and good smelling skin is a bonus.

Believe it or not but you won’t even need to apply any other perfume or fragrance if you use the Versace luxury body lotion. The smell alone is this lotion is strong enough.

Check out the design of the bottle though, how elegant does this look? The gold lid with the Versace symbol and the style of the bottle is super cute, not to mention the shape of the bottle. It’s not just like those other basic square or rectangular shape body lotion bottles. It fits and blends in perfectly with my other collection of body lotion on my dresser.


It seems as if my mother knows exactly what I like because she is always giving me things that are of my taste and will be using. Almost whenever I do go over to her house, she gives me daily essential products or some clothing. I guess we have some things in common.

I definitely cannot wear this to work though due to the perfume that’s in it. It has a strong fragrance to it. When I first used this my youngest son was sniffing my skin. I asked him why he’s doing that, and he responded that he likes my perfume, LOL.

Where to buy:

Hudson Bay or from most online store the sells the genuine brand of Versace products.


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