I’ve tried micellar water previously from another brand and haven’t bought another one until now. I actually went to buy a Loréal hydra-total 5 gel moisturizer but then this micellar water caught my attention. This one is for all skin types, and even waterproof makeup that is hard to clean. Especially for those very stubborn mascara that is hard to remove.

This product is now like my holy grail makeup remover especially after a long tiring day when I get lazy to use makeup removal cloths and cleansers. This is also a terrific product if you’re the type of individual who live the night life and goes home extremely exhausted and just want to get to bed. It’s like a quick fix.

How to use:

  1. Apply micellar water to a clean cotton pad.
  2. Gently wipe cotton pad all over face until complete clean, no need to rub hard.

Theres truly some great benefit of this product such as no hard rubbing, soap or rinsing is required. You won’t even need a moisturizer afterwards because this product captivates any form of dirt, oil or makeup while leaving your skin feeling clean and hydrated.

Okay, so there’s only one con that I find with this product which is not even a big deal, my fault I guess. If it’s not shaken properly you’ll notice that it separates into two layers of water and oil. This leaves an oily feeling on my skin, which is a bit uncomfortable. But, otherwise than this tiny itty bitty issue it works great.


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