A trick for those of us who hate to buy brushes after brushes continuously. Like most of us, beauty bloggers know that top quality makeup brushes aren’t cheap, especially when it comes down to a particular brand.

Sometimes after using your brush for a while, it gets all puffy and loses its shape. It doesn’t matter if you’ve cleaned it multiple times and tries forming its shape using your fingers while it’s wet. But you do have to wash your brush regularly, at least after every two usages.

Here’s a straightforward method that I used to keep my fan brush looking brand-new.

What you need:

  • Fan Brush
  • 1-2 Bobby pin/s

Step 1: Clean your fan brush with soap

Step 2: Gently squeeze out excess water while using your fingers to form back its shape.

Step 3: Gently hold bristles together while putting a bobby pin on.

Step 4: Leave brush to completely dry on a flat surface.

You’re all set now, your fan brush is ready to use for that perfect highlight.

Ps… Don’t forget to remove the bobby pin off the brush before use.


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