Studio Skin Concealer In Dark

A waterproof concealer that is hydrating and oil-free that does not cake is truly a life saver, wouldn’t you agree?

I like to use concealers because I am able to minimize those imperfections on my skin such as the dark circles around my eyes, blemishes, scars, and even to cover up a pimple while leaving my skin looking flawless.

This concealer by Smashbox cosmetics is waterproof and sweat resistant. So, not to worry about when you do sweat. Another good thing is the wand. It’s small and precise enough to use under and above your eyebrows, which means you don’t even need to use a concealer brush once you apply it correctly.

Smashbox has truly blessed this concealer. I thought that throughout the day I would need to touch up, but apparently not. There’s no need to because it last all day for me.

Why I like it:

  • It’s hydrating
  • It’s sweat & humidity resistant
  • It’s vegan
  • Its cruelty-free
  • it’s fragrance-free

Buy: Smashbox Studio Skin concealer


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