Sparkle forever! Fenty Beauty surely won with this one. This all-over sparkling diamond bomb is everything right now. It will have you feeling as if you’re wearing expensive jewels.

This was inspired by the crystal dress that Rihanna wore at the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) 2014. I’m glad she wore that dress, otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have this glittery goodness bomb ass all-over diamond bomb. You can apply this product wherever and however you like. Dust it on your cheekbones, chest, eyelids, or your entire body for that stunning highlight.

This highlighter looks gorgeous on all skin tones. It’s like diamond dust, it’s not chunky at all. Another great thing is that it does not add any texture to your skin. It applies and lays perfectly well on your skin. You can also use this sparkling diamond bomb over your eyeshadow as a top coat for extra sparkle.

I definitely recommend this product for individuals who go clubbing, partying or any form of night events because it looks even better when you have the lights shining on you as if you have diamonds dancing on your body.

NOTE: Don’t buy this product if you’re not into sparkles or glitter, because this is truly a bomb-ass glittery product.

How To Use:

Apply using a brush wherever you like on your body or use it as a highlighter on your face.

Where to Buy: 


Fenty Beauty



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