I’ve never really thought of using the same product on my face that I would use on my body. Well, its not because there is anything wrong with doing that but just because my face has different needs than my body does.

My skin seriously cannot tolerate harsh products that will get irritated. Whenever I use products on my face that’s too strong or just not really for sensitive skin then it becomes a problem. My face looks as if it’s stretching, like a tight look. Also, a tingling feeling will fall into place which means that the product obviously reacted in a negative way.

I know, does this Sebamed liquid face and body wash sound too good to be true? The good thing is that it contains nourishing ingredients that are safe and gentle enough to use without stripping away the moisture of your skin. A cleanser that dually cleanses and moisturizes your skin.

This is definitely a mild hydrating cleanser that works great for individuals with sensitive skin. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, this product can still be beneficial to your skin for that healthy glow.

It’s a soap-free cleanser, but does it work? Yes! It contains moisturizing ingredients that strip away any dirt, oil or grease from your skin while leaving it nourished and moisturized.

Buy: SEBAMED Liquid Face & Body Wash

You can also buy this product from iHerb, an online store that sells natural products.


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