Some of you might be wondering what this lip product is actually like. But first, let me just say that this lipstain product by Aurora cosmetics is super awesome. I absolutely love the stain effect, mainly because it doesn’t matter how much I eat or drink it will still remain. Yes, the color did get a bit lighter at the end of the day but not so much where you need to reapply it multiple times.

I guess this company actually means lipstain because it really does stain your lips well. I went to sleep with it and even woke up with it still on my lips. I actually had to use makeup removing wipes and soap to remove this product from my lips, top and bottom.

I absolutely adore this bold and vibrant color, kinda like bright pink. If you apply neutral color eyeshadow while wearing this lipstain, it will look beautiful. It’ll have your lips looking popping if you know what I mean.

Adding another great thing about this product is that it gives your lips a beautiful matte finish. This color is “salmon”, very bold and long-lasting. If you want more shine to your lips, I recommend applying lip balm or gloss over it for more of a moisturizing shine. But either way, it’s good because at least you won’t be leaving your lip product on a glass, fork, or whatever else.

Oops, I almost forgot to add that this lipstain product is so easy to apply. It has a pointy marker tip applicator that you can use to define your lips, then shade in the rest, which makes it comfortable to use and you can basically skip using a lipliner.

This product contains natural ingredients and its perfume-free!

Buy this lipstain:

AuroraCosmeticsNY.Com – $8.00


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