Impressive if I must say so myself. I’m truly happy that I stumbled upon this foundation from Revlon because it genuinely blessed my skin. I truly admire this Revlon photo-ready candid foundation product because it’s lightweight; which makes it easier to blend onto the skin, and it also gives your skin a natural finish look.

I’ve decided that this summer I will need to get a light coverage foundation. Usually, I would wear my full coverage foundation, but I find that when it’s too hot my foundation either creases or smudges. I cannot be bothered blotting or wiping and reapplying throughout the day, it’s just too much work.

I went to the drugstore and stumbled upon this Revlon photo-ready candid foundation and tested it onto my skin and I liked it. I didn’t buy it right away; instead, I went home and did my research. I read reviews about the product from a few websites and was pleased with what the majority of customers had to say. I went back to the drugstore the very next day and bought the product.

I’ve applied the product just as I would do with any other foundation. Cleaned my skin, toned, moisturizer, primer and then applied the foundation using a brush. At first, I thought it was way too light-weighted on my skin, but then it settled and blended right in, perfect.

I am truly amazed that this product did not disappoint me throughout the day. I didn’t need to blot too often, maybe like twice only.

Shade – Mocha 550

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