Most of you that have been following and/or reading my posts must know by now that I’m a huge fanatic of facial masks, especially clay ones.

I have been using Freeman’s clay mask for quite some time now and to keep it real I must say that I have not yet been disappointed with any of their clay mask so far.

I decided to buy this Freeman anti-stress dead sea minerals clay mask mainly because it says “anti-stress”. My first thought was maybe this mask will help my skin to look more radiant and stress-free. After reading its ingredients and reviews online of what other customers were saying I then instantly bought the mask and now I’m in love with it and I cannot complain.

Another main reason why I bought this facial mask is that it’s beneficial for all skin types, which was a go for me.

This calming 10 minutes facial mask by Freeman instantly absorbs excess oil, clears clogged pores and eliminates impurities from the skin. It dries quite quickly and washes off easily.

Dead sea minerals comprise natural supplements which can be essential for preserving healthy skin. Sea salts assist to renew and balance moisture, meanwhile, lavender and bergamot help put your skin in a relaxing and delight like state and flush away stress for smooth, brilliant and glowing skin.

I’ve had no issues using this facial mask; instead, it leaves my skin looking naturally glowing and radiant.


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